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plan. execute. achieve.

I've experienced quite a lot this year, most being lows as compared to highs. But this doesn't take away the fact that I've had a good year career wise because of all that I've achieved. 
What I've learnt the most is as a creator, all your ideas won't be great but that doesn't mean you should stop creating or trying. A lot of the times you'll lose motivation (I have and still do more times than you'd imagine), you'll just want to stay in bed and do nothing but that's alright. Just make sure that the next day you wake up and try again.

All it really took to overcome my unproductive behavior was planning, a very vital skill and it does not need to be anything professional. It can be as simple as writing down what you have to do during the day, making sure you get it done (execute) and waiting for the results or marking as achieved! 

Every morning when I wake up I open all my social media, see whats happening (my morning paper haha!) then proceed to opening my notes to plan out the day. It goes as simple as noting down activities like checking emails, completing my lab reports and so forth and I make sure to erase or tick what I manage to achieve by the end of the day. Ever since I started this routine I have managed to have a lot of things done as compared to when I didn't because I get to feel guilty and unproductive when a lot is not completed. 

I just thought I'd share my everyday tip to get my life rolling and not feel like I'm not doing enough to achieve my goals. This is just a tip and may not work for everyone as effectively but make sure to give it a try. ;) 


plan. execute. achieve.
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