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Photo Editor On The Go

This post will probably be most useful to iPhone photographers and people always on the move but need to capture moments and upload on the go.
Note that this is only my opinion and preferred photo editors for my iPhone.

My very fist go to app is VSCO. It comprises of elegant filter presets and a great selection of image adjustment tools. You will find:

  • Beautiful and subtle one-tap presets
  • Adjustment filter strength
  • Large range of presets available for download (You'll have to buy most but they are affordable)
  • Image adjustment tools for exposure, color and other enhancements
  • Integrated camera and photo platform
This app is free in the app store but some filters have to be bought (very reasonable prices if you really need them).

The other app I use is Snapseed. It is an all-purpose photo editor for image enhancements and adjustments. You will find features that correct:
  • Exposure, color and sharpening adjustments
  • Crop, rotate, straighten and correct perspective
  • Brushes and healing tools
  • Vignette, filters, HDR and black and white
  • Frames and text
This app is currently one of the most popular apps for iPhone because it is very easy to use but at the same time offers very powerful (for lack of better words) collection of tools. 
This app is also free in the app store.

Again, please note that this post is about the apps I use and thought I should share. If they don't work well for you feel free to explore the store for what satisfies your needs. Enjoy! 

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