But Never Late Is Better

Friday, January 06, 2017

Not a very enthusiastic or early start to my year but what matters is I got to start, right? I can't say I did not wish to have ANOTHERBLACKARTIST or I personally up and running by just the second or third day of 2017 but I've been struggling with motivation lately. Most of the posts I've seen so far are all so positive and about doing great from the get go and that did not help. But here I am, the sixth day of the year and I've decided to take initiative and get all the work that I've been putting off done. 
What I got to learn from my previous year was that its not about who starts first and neither is it a race with whoever is achieving first, so be all about yours and all will be well. I know, very cliche but better late than never.

Anyway this post wasn't well thought out and composed or about much but how you should take your time to prepare yourself before you start your own race. I know, very ironic! 

May all your dreams and achievements this year be fulfilled and a great year to you and yours. 

All pictures were taken by my brother Gape M. Motshoge on a random day during our walk to a restaurant. 

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