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As another millennial 'hunter and gatherer' I too have had my fair share of challenges as a blogger, model and photographer or as a whole an artist trying to make myself authentic to make it in this white capitalist system. As much as I may come of "perfect" to some or seemingly cruising through this industry I've chosen, a lot of things have gone wrong and brought me down especially this year. I would be lying if I said I haven't thought of quitting so many times but here I am still soldiering on thanks to you and your support and motivation.

One of my challenges as an artist has always been to customize and express myself through my art and clothing in the sub-Saharan because of the cling on to 'western culture' which makes the system we're so dependent on more of a follower than stand-alone, anything incorporating our culture a little difficult to sell unless until appropriated by the western man and hence have a lot of our very own peers label their own artists as "wannabes" of the first world artists and not authentic. This brings a lot of aspiring artists to a juxtaposition of choosing hype and whats currently trending over building and relating to their own audience authentically which of course as noticed doesn't guarantee longevity as opposed to bringing you the joy, wholeness and yes bring in the money you were chasing right from the beginning. 

Here with Glotto, a Botswana based clothing brand focused on earthy toned clothing pieces and modernized traditional fits, mostly unisex pieces that transcend seasons and trends of sub-Saharan Culture with the indigenous arsenal of hand made accessories and functional minimalist silhouettes with experimental choice of textures to reflect the new age spirit of African Youth, I bring you and try to bridge/link a western dress style and Glotto, mix and match the two to show you can still be African, Cultured and Cool.

Unisex Glotto Faux Leather Harness

Unisex Glotto Gid Embroided T Shirt





ANOTHER SUB-SAHARAN ARTIST - Part I ANOTHER SUB-SAHARAN ARTIST - Part I Reviewed by Anotherblackartist on Monday, November 20, 2017 Rating: 5

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  1. Keep soldiering on and on. This post was a year ago but I hope you're still following your dreams. Perseverance is key to achieve greatness. The white capitalists can see this as well "hahaha". The struggle is real for 3rd world artists trying to trademark themselves, but keep at it, be the inspiring story that the next generation grows up believing in.


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